This is Halloween by Danny Elfman (The Nighmare Before Christmas soundtrack) // Ghost Town by The Specials // Somebody’s Watching Me by Rockwell // Surfin’ Dead by The Cramps // Ghostbusters by Ray Parker Jr (Ghostbusters soundtrack) // Dracula by Gorillaz // Every Day Is Halloween by Ministry // Thriller by Michael Jackson (x)

Misery began with an explosion
Fingers almost reaching
A slip
An abyss

Misery began with the winter
Cutting deeply in between the bones
Ghost limbs
And red

And the Brooklyn boy
Who’ve always loved snow
Now wished for the fire to come
And take the winter out of him

He never thought he would wish for death
But yet he can’t help but think
That death would be kinder
And warmer

But one day he came to realise
That the winter would never leave him
He was made of winter
He was The Winter

But yet he never forgot the warmth
Of the fire in between that bony boy’s arms
The boy he doesn’t know the name
But who’s engraved in the back of his eyelids

He was made of metal and knives
And the cold would never leave him
But one day, he realised
The cold also burns

"James Barnes’ Misery" (x)

have a magical sunday

Gilded makeup at Christian Dior Spring/Summer 2014

Dolce and Gabbana Fall 2013 rtw

Chalcopyrite; Sweetwater Mine, Missouri

Chrysanthemums (detail), Claude Monet.