i’m reading the comments on seb’s instagram photos and i honestly just want to set myself on fire.

seriously people, he’s a grown ass man. stop demanding things from him like he owes you something. he is the fucking boss. you can’t tell him to do anything. stop talking to him like he’s a kid. 

and control your libidos.

ya nasties.


fuck you and your vanity
Vanity (1890), Auguste Toulmouche / Pain, ASAP Rocky ft. Overdoz


It’s Fashion Friday every day at the Museum. From sparkling sequined evening gowns to vibrantly printed sportswear, we have plenty of stunning styles to see this season in “Patrick Kelly: Runway of Love,” “Gerlan Jeans Loves Patrick Kelly,” and “Silver and Gold Fashions since 1960,” all on view in the Perelman Building.“Slimelight” Bustier Dress, Spring/Summer 2012 “Mall Witch” Collection, designed by Gerlan Jeans, New York. Image courtesy of Gerlan Jeans.

зимний солдат ll a mixtape for the winter soldier. seven nation army - the glitch mob remix (the white stripes) // the game has changed - daft punk // the winter soldier - henry jackman // hearing damage - thom yorke // i am the night - perturbator // i’m coming for you - triggerfinger // terminator 2 - brad fiedel // o’ death - jen titus // rinzler - daft punk.

a witch is born out of the true hungers of her time ll daughters of the moon, a fanmix for witches.bottom of the river - delta rae // no rest for the wicked - lykke li // devil’s resting place - laura marling // rhiannon - fleetwood mac // marrow - st. vincent // burn the witch - queens of the stone age // barton hollow - the civil wars // i will never die - delta rae.[listen]

The Sleeping Goddess in The Lost Gardens of Heligan in England.
Space Dementia by Muse // Subterranean Homesick Alien by Radiohead // Across The Universe by The Beatles // Space Oddity by David Bowie // ‘39 by Queen // Spaceman by The Killers // Moving To Mars by Coldplay // Space Truckin’ by Deep Purple (x)

Silvertip Peak Sunrise
Lew Scholl

Liu Wen at Proenza Schouler